Trash the Dress Photoshoot (TTD)

Trash the Dress Art

You may have already heard about it or just dreamt of it in the past… it's an exciting craze that has been turning into fashion for brides and grooms all over the world! It's actually a different kind of photo shoot, the opportunity to get alternative photos in locations that most people wouldn't even consider for a wedding shoot. Trash the dress photos may include, as the name suggests, a bit of wedding dress trashing… this may mean that you will have to get inside the sea or a swimming pool, that you will lie on dirt roads or that you will set your dress on fire, all for the shake of good photography! This is actually an opportunity to wear your beautiful dresses once again instead of putting them away in a box inside a closet.

It takes so much time and effort to choose the perfect dress, so many fittings and so much trouble to have it well kept so that the groom won't see it before the wedding or not to get it dirty during the ceremony and reception, an effort gone to waste since most of the dresses are filthy in the end. If brides had a second chance to wear the wedding dress for which they spent so much money wouldn't this be just great? And what if this specific time the dress was used to get amazing, original photos that only a few people have, wouldn't this be even greater? And how about this being possible in Santorini? This is getting better and better!

Our photographer would be willing to lead you to the most amazing locations after the ceremony just to get amazing photos that will make your wedding album different. Don't even think about it twice! Trash your dress in no time!

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