Wedding Cakes & Traditions

From ancient times wedding cakes have been closely connected to wedding ceremonies. According to an old tradition that isn't practiced today: breaking the cake over the bride's head; its origin dates back to the Roman Empire.

The groom would eat part of a loaf of barley bread baked for the occasion and break the rest over the head of the bride. This symbolized the dominance of the groom over the bride. The guests would grab for the crumbs that fell to the ground as catalysts for fertility.

Well though things have changes since then. Some things remain the same likethe importance of cutting the cake or its color.

Cutting the cake has come to symbolize the first task in the couple's life together. I mmediately after the cutting, the bride and groom feed each other the first slice. This action symbolizes the commitment to provide for each other that the bride and groom have undertaken. Today the first slice is cut by both bride and groom, but in the past this task was performed by the bride only: she had to show her ability in distributing food without waste, thus proving herself a good housekeeper.

Color of Wedding Cake. The white color of the icing on a wedding cake has come to symbolize purity and virginal attributes, because of the association of the cake with the bride. The fashion of the white cake started in Victorian times. The white icing was also a symbol of affluence because it was made with refined sugar, which was very expensive.

When tradition meets modern patisserie then wedding cakes become work of arts!

If you do not want your cake to be white, but wish a special icing (pink or blue maybe?)
If you wish that its decorated with your favourite flower
Or want it to have your names or a small message
There is no need to worry... as it's a piece of cake for us!

Our Team is co operating with the best patisseries on Santorini and we have also the ability to make special orders for wedding cakes from specialists in Athens . What we need from you is to know the number of guests (we do not mind if its just 2 or 20) so that we make the order and any special preferences. Tell us exactly how you want the filling of your wedding cake to be, or if you are allergic to any ingredients, in order to create this special cake according to your tastes!

Giving Sweet Gifts

This tradition started as far back as the Roman empire, but it is still carried on today. The idea of sleeping with a piece of cake underneath your pillow dates back to the 17th century. It is said that you will dream of your future spouse if you sleep with a piece of wedding cake underneath.

Here in Greece this tradition is slightly different. After the wedding the couple offers its guests sugar coated almonds (so called koufeta) as a symbol of health, fertility, wealth, joy and long-life. Why almonds?

A Greek legend tells the story of a young man called Demophon, who fell in love with a Tracian princess, Phyllis. Before the marriage ceremony Demophon is informed that his father has died in Athens and he must return for the funeral. He promises to come back by a certain day but cannot return until three months later. By this time Phyllis is sure that she will never see her lover again and hangs herself. The Gods, touched by her love, transform her into an almond tree. The desperate Demophon offers a sacrifice to the almond tree, declaring his undying love.

In response, the almond tree blossoms. Therefore the almond came to symbolize impetuous youth and immortal love.

Koufeta are usually offered in a small package, bomboniera.

This is a small gift we will offer to the getting married.